Isle of Skye

I was disappointed. There was no way we were going to camp this time. The weather was absolutely awful even though it was the end of July. Almost never stopping rain and cold. Brrrrr… However, it was my birthday and I had to get out somewhere, so we booked whatever accommodation was left on Skye, rented a car and hoped at least an OK weather for those five days.

Well and it was a fun trip!:)

The first day we spent almost all day driving until we reached our destination just outside the Fort William. We’re huge Chinese dumpling fans, so we spent an evening trying to feel the spirit of camping & cooking outdoors. The dumplings, after the whole day in a car looked awful, but were tastier than ever!

Dinner Time

The next day we spent in the clouds! I’ve been on the top of Ben Nevis before, but I thought it would be nice to climb it again. I thought being there in summer would be so much nicer than in winter! I was wrong… By the time we reached the top we were absolutely soaked!

When going down, the sky cleared out a bit and we got to enjoy the nice views 🙂

On the third day it was finally the time to reach Skye. We had a nice lunch stop at Eilean Donan castle, a beauty standing there since the 13th century.

Eilean Donan Castle

For those who now wonder where they’ve seen it before – it appeared in one of the James Bond movies.


The weather in the Isle of Skye as you can see from the photo bellow was not the best either. But we were in a good mood, so at least we had a good laugh that day 🙂

Isle of Skye 

Our plan was to stop at the Fairy pools first. Well, if you google that, you’ll get plenty of nice photos with bright blue water etc. That was not the case for us. It took us ages to force ourselves to leave the car and go down to the pools. Yes, it was pretty even in the rain, but nothing like in google photos!

The plan for the fourth day was to do a Quiraing Circuit and The Storr. They are super famous and a must do in Skye. We stayed very close to Quiraing so of course we started our day there. At first we couldn’t believe that it was nice and sunny outside and we were expecting it to start raining at any minute. I guess it is quite a natural thing to do after being in the rain for the past few days! The sun did not disappear though and the views during the hike were absolutely stunning.


It was really muddy so it took us ages to walk a circuit, but it was a really nice hike. Then it was the time for Storr, but we decided not to hike there, as we saw crowds of people there when driving past. It is an easier walk, so no surprise it was so popular. It was a nice sunny day, so we spent the rest of the time resting and having a barbecue 🙂

Actually, a barbecue with a proper view! The sunset that evening was stunning.

It was a fun trip! You never know what you gonna get in Scotland, but what you really need to take on your trip is a positive attitude and a good company 🙂 yes, we got wet more times than we wanted, but we did not get upset about that and had a fantastic time.

It would be nice to go back on a sunny day and see a bit more of the island 🙂

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